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Annual General Meeting

The Council of School Leadership is excited to provide notice for our upcoming Annual General Meeting which will occur on April 15th at 4:00 pm in Banff Alberta as part of the uLead Conference. We are excited to engage in the celebration of the work that has been accomplished this year supporting school leaders across Alberta and to plan for the upcoming year. As part of the AGM, we will conduct elections for table officers and members at large as well as discuss proposed constitutional adjustments that the executive is putting forward to the membership for approval. Please see below for more information or to nominate someone for a position on the council executive.


AGM Information

When: April 15th, 2024 @ 4:00 PM

Where: Banff Springs Hotel (Room TBD)

Call for Nominations

The Council of School Leadership is currently seeking nominations for several key positions within our executive team. As an integral part of our organization, we invite you to nominate qualified candidates or self-nominate for the following positions:


President-Elect: This position serves a vital role in the leadership succession plan, supporting the President and assuming responsibilities in their absence. The President-Elect will work closely with the current President to ensure a smooth transition and uphold the mission and values of the Council for School Leadership. The President Elect is a one-year term during the 2024-25 school year which will then move into the role of President during the 2025-26 school year which will be a two-year term running July 1, 2025 and going until June 30, 2027.


Treasurer: The Treasurer plays a crucial role in managing the financial affairs of the Council for School Leadership. Responsibilities include budget planning, financial reporting, and oversight of financial transactions to ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency. This position is a two-year term commencing July 1, 2024 and going until to June 30, 2026.


Member-at-Large Positions: These positions offer an opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction and initiatives of CSL. Members-at-Large actively participate in decision-making processes, represent diverse perspectives across our province, and advocate for the interests of our members. These positions are two-year terms commencing July 1, 2024 and going until to June 30, 2026.


To nominate yourself or someone else for any of these positions, please use the links below and complete the nomination form. The online call for Nominations will close on March 22nd, 2024. For President-Elect and Treasurer positions, no further nominations will be accepted. For Member At Large nominations, a call for further nominations from the floor will occur during the AGM. Elections will be held at the CSL AGM on Monday, April 15th at 4:00 pm in Banff during the uLead Conference. If candidates are not in Banff for uLead an opportunity to join virtually will be provided. All nominees must hold membership in the Alberta Teachers' Association as well as the Council for School Leadership.

Click here to Nominate an Individual for a Table Officer Position

Click here to Nominate an Individual for a Member at Large Position

Proposed Constitutional Changes

During the 2024 Council of School Leadership Annual General Meeting on April 15th 2024 the following constitutional changes will be put forward for consideration and debate by membership.


1.      Redefinition of Communication Officer Role: The role of the communication officer has shifted over the past several years and to better reflect the roles and responsibilities of this position the CSL Executive is seeking membership approval to rename the Communications Officer to Professional Development Coordinator. This new role would focus on the development of professional development resources for CSL members including producing the uLead Podcast. This would be a two-year term position which is part of the way through term and occupied by Corey Haley. The Term would continue through to Jun 30, 2025.


2.      Addition of Social Media/Website Coordinator: The Social Media Website Coordinator role is essential for maintaining a strong online presence, facilitating communication with members, and promoting events and initiatives. They ensure timely updates, engage with our community, and enhance visibility, fostering greater connectivity and participation among members.


3.      Adjustment of Term of Member At Large Positions: Extending the term length for Members-at-Large from one year to two allows for a deeper immersion into the role, fostering a better understanding of Council operations and initiatives. It provides ample time for members to explore, contribute, and implement meaningful strategies, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness and impact within the organization.


These proposed changes will be put forward to the CSL membership for decision during the upcoming AGM. To see the full version of the CSL Consitution with the proposed changes please click here.

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